Beneden Beekloop 26

Beneden Beekloop 26, Geldrop

1 jan
3 rooms


Available: 21 new apartments in complex at Beneden Beekloop 26 to 38, in Geldrop. JUST 2 APARTMENTS LEFT!! Price: €1260,- and €995,- Conveniently located in relation to the center of Geldrop, the center of Eindhoven and various roads. Supermarket (Albert Heijn) is within walking distance. The expected delivery date will be November 1st, 2021 the latest!

This is a description of the complex and specifications of the houses, which will be realized first.
Also a number of photos to give an impression of the homes, the complex and the level of upholstering.

The complex consists of 21 independent apartments and two commercial spaces.
The apartments will be rented out by MyHousing B.V. The commercial spaces will be offered through another party (1 of these has already been leased to a hairdresser's shop, which was previously also present in the complex).
The 21 apartments in total consist of 7 apartments located on the ground floor, 7 on the first floor and 7 located on the second and third floor.

13 of the 21 homes are currently being completed. The expected delivery date will be November 1st 2021 at the latest. This may be sooner. This depends on when Enexis will connect the energy (NUTS). This is now planned for the 2nd week of October, but in view of previous experience, this could take a bit longer, at Enexis.
The remaining 8 homes are currently being renovated and are expected to be completed by the end of December 2021.

The houses vary in sizes from 45m2 (one bedroom), 65m2 (two bedrooms) and 85m2 (two bedrooms).
The rental prices are respectively €900,-/month, €1095,-/month and €1260,-/month.

The rental price includes energy, upholstery and other service costs. The rent is exclusive of water, internet/TV and local taxes.

The minimum rental period is 12 months and can be canceled monthly after this period (with 1 calendar month's notice). The deposit is one month's rent (the owner reserves the right to request a higher deposit if there is reason to do so).

The houses are all gasless and are heated by graphene and radiant panels. These are mounted on the ceiling (not yet visible in the photos). Unlike traditional heating, these panels do not heat the air, but do heat hard objects such as walls, ceilings and floors.
This is an environmentally conscious choice and partly because of this, the government's requirement to build gas-free and to reduce CO2 emissions is met.

The kitchen is equipped with a luxuriously finished kitchen worktop, an induction hob, extractor hood, sink, dishwasher and microwave/oven combination.
The bathroom has a shower, sink and toilet.

All houses are furnished with laminate floors, window darkening (blinds and curtains) and lighting (note: this concerns basic lighting, you may want to adjust the lighting yourself. This is of course allowed).

All houses have an outdoor area/balcony, some large and some small. This will be explained during a possible viewing.
The outdoor spaces for the ground floor homes will be realized by a green company from the end of November.

If you are interested in a viewing of (one of the) homes, please respond to the advertisement.

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Deposit €1260
Living space 85m²
Number of rooms 3
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€1260 p/m (incl)


Beneden Beekloop 26, Geldrop

€1260 p/m (incl)