Consequences Covid-19 for tenants

07-04-2020  |  D Kuil

Unfortunately, the coronavirus affects us all, including our tenants. Where most people have moved their lives indoors by working at home and getting out as little as possible, we notice that this is not possible for everyone.

For example, a large part of our tenants are (international) students or have a profession where it is not possible to work from home. In addition, many tenants come from abroad and they also have to deal with the measures taken by the government of their country. 

We notice that some tenants have chosen to go to their home country to be there with their family. Tenants also leave because the schools are closed until the end of the school year and because of this they are "ready" with, for example, their exchange period. 

The tenants who have decided to stay in the Netherlands spend most of their time indoors. In addition to the tenants who can work from home, there are also a number who are currently out of work and are missing out on income. This can cause uncertainty for both the tenant and the landlord whether the rent payment can be paid. If, as a tenant, you no longer have any income due to the corona measures and are no longer able to meet the monthly rent payment, we recommend that you contact us. 

At the time of writing, landlords are not obliged to provide a rental discount or the like. but are considered by the government to act leniently towards the tenant. MyHousing has a mediating role in this. We process such requests from tenants and, in response to these requests, we enter into discussions with landlords to find a suitable solution together. 

 Are you a tenant or landlord and do you have questions about the measures taken with regard to the Covid-19 virus? 

Please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Stay safe!

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